Democracy and Human Rights Development Centre (DHRD) is none political and independent LNGO. Mainly believes in complying with the laws and respecting the general human right principles. It essaying to realize a modern society creates a democratic spirit, respecting human's ambitions and complying with the honest laws.

Constitution Dialog project

Trainer Karzan Fazel - Constitution Dialog project

This project funded by ( NDI ) in one month period started from ( 5-7-2005 to 8-8-2005 ) and the idea of this project was collecting the idea of the population about the draft of Iraqi constitution in Iraq and after collecting these ideas sending it to Governing counsel to take care about the population felling in written this draft.


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Foto: Judicial staff of Sulaimanyah court in the project of implementing a new course for judicial administrative employee which funded by NPA and UNDP. This project started at 1/4/2005 until 1/7/2005, participated by "30" employees.

DHRD main goals

• Develop the principles of civil society and equality under the laws.
• Verbalizing the general opinion in order to change the laws on a manner witch is suitable with the principles of the human rights.
• Observe the foundation of power division and to censorship independency of the courts.
• Compensate the victims of the wrong laws. Webwork by